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Mountain  B  Silver

Handmade jewelry in eastern Washington

by Brenna Wade


Meet Brenna


Founded in the mountains of Jackson Hole, WY, Mountain B Silver started from nothing but an idea a few years back. As of June 2022, it has evolved into a small handmade jewelry business owned and operated by myself, Brenna Wade. I am a self-taught silversmith from Northern CA. My boyfriend and I have moved to three different states in the last two years, and I have brought Mountain B Silver along every time.  Our mini family currently consists of our 5 year old golden retriever, Tom, and our 3 year old horse, Moose!

I have a huge passion for the western industry, and I am so blessed to be a part of it. Creating jewelry is amazing, but the love I receive from all of my supporters is truly what grows Mountain B Silver everyday!

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